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Access The Wisdom Of Your Subconscious Mind

Are you ready to understand the subconscious patterns that have been keeping you from thriving?

Are there things that you’ve been wanting in your life but haven’t been able to achieve? Maybe it’s good health, that dream job, or a house in the hills. If there was a reason for why you haven’t been able to manifest the life you want, wouldn’t you want to know what it was?

It’s said that the answer to everything you seek lies within your subconscious mind, but what exactly is the subconscious and where can it be found?

The answer is the Information Field.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy and connected by energy through an energy field that is invisible to the human eye. This energy field contains information. Since human beings are made of both matter and energy, our physical body is surrounded by an energy field that contains all of the information about ourselves that we have been accumulating since we were born. What we refer to as our subconscious mind, is really this collection of information being stored within our field.

For the first time in history, technology has been invented to access a person’s energy field and retrieve the information that’s stored there. That means you can now access your subconscious mind and obtain the information you need to live your best life and thrive.

So what do you want to know?


The TimeWaver technology analyses your energy field, either remotely or in-person, and identifies where there are weaknesses. The weaknesses are displayed in a chart (see image below). The technology will provide specific information regarding what issues to focus on to improve your energy.

Depending on which type of Energy Analysis you order, the information you will receive can relate to the food you’re eating, thoughts you’re thinking, emotions you’re feeling, unresolved past trauma and relationship issues, or other items that are in your subconscious mind, but not fully in your conscious awareness.

If you have ordered a “Health Energy Analysis” and there is a part of the body that is being impacted by an issue in your field, the TimeWaver will identify it and this will be included in your Energy Analysis results. Weaknesses in your energy field negatively affect different organs, glands, muscles, and tissues in your body. Maintaining good health and vitality requires making sure you become aware of and address any issues in your field that are affecting your physical body.


In addition to providing areas to focus on to improve your energy health, the TimeWaver technology also offers a unique approach to helping you achieve a healthy and balanced energy field. The technology can take the information from your Energy Analysis, translate it into the vibrational frequencies needed to bring your energy into balance, and transmit them to you in-person or remotely. If you decide this approach resonates with you, you can order this service separately.


Are you ready to improve your energy health?


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